Introducing our groundbreaking new product: THE SCORE. This innovative scoring tool is a game-changer for musicians and composers of all genres. Whether you’re into orchestral masterpieces, electronic symphonies, or trailer scoring, THE SCORE has got you covered. It offers a comprehensive collection of instruments, including orchestral, synth, band, world, and percussion, among others. We’ve packed THE SCORE with over 132 Stories, each one a source of inspiration and creativity. And with the various composition tools that we’ve discussed in previous blogs, like the Melody and Chord Studios, THE SCORE empowers musicians and composers to create professional-grade scores with ease.

All stories differ in their purpose, whether they are at the forefront commanding the mood and the tempo of the visuals, or they sit nicely in the background, more passively and gently aiding the storytelling. Sometimes they need to be more dynamic and expressive, and that’s when you need something more than the dwelling chords of an ensemble. You need a single section to stand out; an instrument group front and center, driving the melody.

We’ve included the LEAD instrument in our premiere composition tool to make that standout part, topping off the prime adventure in your musical journey.


THE SCORE’s LEAD tool is the perfect companion to the ENSEMBLE, offering a huge range of beautiful sectional and solo instruments. You can choose two melodic instruments, and you have the freedom to craft astonishingly beautiful melodies that truly resonate with your audience.

“You can put two sounds together and just start to play full tremolo strings or melodic sounds like horns or piano and celesta and play some really touching melodies,” Tilman Sillescu, our Creative Director, notes.

To start with, it’s divided up into two sections: SOUND and MELODY.



In this section, the LEAD features an easy search for the right sound. You can search by Preset, which offers you a prearranged pair with preset volume and FX settings, or you can search per instrument, where you first sort by Category (Orchestral, Synth, Band, World, Misc), then Section (High Strings, Low Strings, High Brass, Low Brass, etc) and finally you can find the specific Sound, like Low Strings Legato or Big Horns Marcato. For some instruments, you’ll find as many as five articulation options.

The volume sliders work in the same way as our ENSEMBLE dynamic mixer. On each slider, raise or lower the left bar and that will determine where the sound starts out for that instrument when your controller’s modulation slider or knob is at its lowest setting. The right bar is the level for when the modulation is at its highest. You can invert these as well to create interesting interplays between the two instruments.

Click on the FX button on the mixer to control the FX of the individual instrument. Or click on the FX Global side bar to access a range of global FX.


One of the more intriguing features of the LEAD instrument is the Melody Studio. Powered by a unique Markov chain-based algorithm, the Melody Studio allows you to generate unheard-of melodies with just one click. These serve as a great starting off point to finding a real gem to pull the listener along your progression.

“It’s a great tool if you’re lacking inspiration or if you need help thinking of what kind of theme you want,” Tilman says. “You have your chord progression and then can use your generator to get melodies. If you don’t like it, you can use it again and again until a cool motif appears.”

As Tilman mentioned, the Melody Studio allows you to import chord progressions from the Chord Studio in the ENSEMBLE instrument, so that it can generate melodies based on your recently created chord progression. And with the ability to move and shape every note in the editor, you have complete control over crafting melodies that perfectly align with your artistic vision.

And what’s more, you can take even more ownership over your melody by simply exporting the MIDI data using the keyboard button in the top right corner. The export includes all the dynamic information as well.

“You can export it and work with it and expand the melody,” Tilman adds. “It’s all about enjoying music more than anything; to get strong ideas in a quick and easy and enjoyable way.”





With BEST SERVICE’S THE SCORE by SONUSCORE, you have the tools to unlock your creative potential and create works that leave a true, lasting impact. Control dynamics to add expression and emotion to your compositions. Customize the Stories and write your melodies over the harmonies to achieve the desired results and push the boundaries of your musical imagination.

Don’t settle for ordinary tools when you can open up new worlds of creativity in your composing. THE SCORE is a smarter, new way to write music, and with it, we tried to remove some of the more stressful technical piecework that hinders your creative process. Try THE SCORE today and experience a smarter way of composing music!



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