At SONUSCORE, our mission is to simplify the music creation process, enabling composers and musicians to bring their ideas to life in the fastest possible way. Here’s a compilation of reviews for SONUSCORE products from reputable music and audio production magazines, websites, blogs, as well as feedback from respected online forums and store reviews. Every single review is a reward for us and our work and shows how much our products are appreciated by the huge composer community.

With an impressive ensemble sound and a slick workflow, The Score is a hugely inspiring platform for composition. It really can be mind-blowingly easy to realise a fully formed arrangement in real time.

Sound On Sound

Every story, every pattern in The Score can be adapted and individualized in impressive detail to suit your own wishes. The Score impresses with its richness of sound. It offers an insight into the playing styles of different genres – and in this respect it is unique and extremely inspiring.

Professional Audio (translated from German)


I was pleasantly surprised by how quick The Score’s load times were which make it easy to work with.  One thing I particularly love about the score is its ease of use. The developers have managed to deliver an interface with detailed functions that allow users to intuitively explore and command the library. The interface design really stands out for its ease of use.

Sample Library Review

In any case, The Score contributes to finding ideas and also impresses with its very good handling and excellent sound quality. The $399 (RRP) are therefore money well spent.

KEYS (translated from German)


Influencer & Social Media Coverage

The basics can be understood within five minutes, but the more time you spend with it, the more new possibilities you discover.

The Orchestra is like an ‘all-in-one’ library that allows you to quickly achieve impressive, lively, and great-sounding results even without prior knowledge. (translated from German)

Just playing the presets out of the box instantly triggers ideas, and despite its relatively small disk drive footprint, The Orchestra Complete’s ‘orchestra in a box’ possesses immense firepower that may come to some as quite a surprise.

Sonuscore bundle an awful lot of orchestra into a very modest amount of disk space to deliver immense scoring power.

The Orchestra Complete offers an inspirational gold mine of driving rhythms and animated orchestral textures, editable by the user or created entirely from scratch.

Sound On Sound

This software instrument is like an inspirational gold mine!

It is so fast and fun to work with. It is one of my new favorite tools for quick sketches, song starters and inspiration boosters.

Professional Composers

The Orchestra Complete has thoroughly impressed me. From my perspective, this library should be part of the standard equipment for any musician who enjoys working with orchestral sounds of all kinds. You have a huge selection of sounds, and with the Ensemble Engine and its automated patterns, you can achieve convincing results really quickly. (translated from German)

Cons: None. I’m so impressed.

This is not just a run-of-the mill contact library, this is honestly an amazing tool. I’m really blown away by how useful this is.

I love everything about this instrument – the sounds are rich, the controls are intuitive, and the GUI is beautiful and inspiring.

Not only does Elysion 2 include the full version of the original Elysion, but it takes this fantastic multi-layer scoring tool into wild and raw new sonic territory.

Sample Library Review

Sonuscore absolutely know their stuff when it comes to designing performance engines for multitimbral virtual instruments; Elysion 2 The Encounter is powerful stuff.

If you’re a regular user of the original, the upgrade to Elysion 2 is an absolute no-brainer.

For potential new users, Elysion 2 provides both instant gratification and inspiration via the various animated presets. However, that instant gratification also hints at the long-term potential for those media composers willing to dig a little deeper.

Sonuscore have come up with a crackingly good companion to “The Orchestra”, and one that is certain to feature prominently in many chart hits, games, and film and TV scores to come.

Sound On Sound

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