Sonuscore – Our Story

Who We Are

Sonuscore emerged in 2012 from the prestigious music and sound production studio Dynamedion. Our inception was led by the inventive minds behind the celebrated BOOM Library, marking our entry into the industry with a promise of revolutionizing the score and music creation process. With a portfolio boasting over 40 titles, including flagship products like The Score, The Orchestra Complete 3, Elysion, Chroma, and Time Textures, our spectrum covers an extensive array of musical elements from strings and brass, percussion and choirs, to instruments not always found in conventional collections, sourced from some of the most remote regions of the planet. We started Sonuscore because as composers and musicians we saw the shortcomings in the products that are supposed to help us write and record great music.


Why We Do This

Often the music technology promise has turned into a nightmare, rather than helping to nurture the talent and creativity of musicians, it’s been a block in their path to creating beautiful music. You may be a professional composer or just getting started in music creation, we want to make the journey from idea to completed project as straightforward as possible. Our mission is clear: to aid musicians and composers in bringing their creative visions to life, without the burdens of cumbersome technology. Our raison d’être is to empower these creators, offering tools that streamline music production, making it possible to create stunning music without the inertia often associated with modern technology.

The Kind of Company We Are

Our brand is built on a foundation of creativity, innovation, and listening. We challenge convention, embrace humility, and foster a culture of inclusivity and joy. Our mission, driven by inspiration and empowerment, is to provide quality, customer-centric solutions that prioritize musicality and simplicity. Through our commitment to innovation and leveraging our expertise, we aim not just to be an instrument provider but a catalyst in the musical creation process.

Our Vision For The Future

We envision a world where music production is liberated from unnecessary complexity. A world where using one of our instruments is as simple as playing a piano, or picking up a guitar, simply sit down and play. Sonuscore aims to empower music producers and composers, enabling them to express their creativity with ease and efficiency. Our goal is to stand at the forefront of music production, continuously innovating and challenging the technical status quo to create tools that inspire and facilitate the artistic journey.


At Sonuscore, we are more than just another sound library brand; we are a collective of visionaries, dreamers, and creators united by a passion for music and innovation.

Our dedication to simplifying the music creation process and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction defines who we are.

Join us on this journey as we continue to shape the future of music production, one note at a time.


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