Lyrical Cello Phrases

Lyrical Cello Phrases

Lyrical Cello Phrases


[Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments' KONTAKT. The free Kontakt player is not sufficient, as it only runs the instrument in DEMO mode.]

If you've ever wanted to utilize the massive emotional force a cello contains, LYRICAL CELLO PHRASES is the right heavy-hitter for you. What would your compositions be like, what would it feel like if you could have a world-class cellist with you, live whenever and wherever you were making music? Experience this feeling with LYRICAL CELLO PHRASES and give yourself the gift of a great tool to take your workflow, your productivity and creativity to the very next level.

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We were given a challenge by a group of composers: they challenged us to build a cello tool to take their compositional process to a whole new level: these composers not only wanted their needs taken care of, they also asked us to find a way to leverage the strengths a real instrumentalist brings to the table. We asked our composers what they look for in a new instrument. They told us they need high quality sound, they need their work-flow to be at the speed of their thoughts or faster and, best case scenario, that these instruments inspire new creative ideas.

LYRICAL CELLO PHRASES is exactly the best of both worlds: it combines the creative freedom a composer enjoys with the expressivity and emotionality a real instrumentalist sets free – all at your fingertips.


[NEW FEATURE: We’ve updated the software, so you can now change themes via key switch. Watch the “Update Video” below]
The themes were all played by our cellist of choice Mátyás Ölveti (recorded for “The Elder Scrolls Online”, …) whose improvisatorial talent brought out the strengths of the cello full throttle. With over 70 freely combinable phrases spread over 10 themes throughout all keys as well as 2 additional bonus themes this library is a tool that empowers every creative composer to get the project off of the ground with an impact.


Besides the selection of these hand-crafted themes the Lyrical Cello Phrases includes a legato instrument so you can play the melodies that come to you freely with two different note-lengths to chose from.

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    "Lyrical Cello Phrases has a very nice selection of emotional themes and comes with a useful legato instrument. Will appeal to, and inspire a wide range of music makers."
  • Jochen Flach (Composer)

    Hitman Absolution (Square Enix/IO Interactive), ANNO 2205 (Ubisoft/BlueByte), Risen 3 (Piranha Bytes/Deep Silver)
    “The sound - and I am repeating myself - is excellent - the phrases are played first class and recorded very well. Also the selections of the phrases are very versatile. Spontaneously I would say the range of application fits perfectly to fantasy and emotional dramas. The best thing about solo instruments is that you can adjust the phrases very well with Melodyne (or other pitching effects) to your needs, which expands the whole offer by a multiple.”
  • Henning Nugel (Composer)

    The Settlers Series (Ubisoft/BlueByte), Sacred 3 (Keen Games / Deep Silver), Risen 3: Titan Lords (Piranha Bytes, Deep Silver)
    "Well, what can I say, press the key and here we go. I especially like that you can play contra punctual lines by pressing two buttons at the same time and it is very impressive to hear that you can always create a good-sounding duo. For me you should use the instrument for background tracks and main themes and not for action tracks. The Lyrical Cello Phrases add a certain something to your own track."
  • I am a huge fan of Sonuscore libraries; not only do they sound great, but they also have one of the best workflows on the market.
  • Alexander Röder (Composer)

    Anno Series (Ubisoft/BlueByte), Angry Birds Toons (Rovio), Hitman (SquareEnix / IO Interactive)
    “The sound seems to be very well, everything is played very sensitive and clean – it sounds warm and still distinct. I especially like the greatly style of playing. The UI is nice, I like it very well. Everything is neat, tidy and fast to find.”
  • The Audio Spotlight

    “With a plethora of beautifully performed phrases and melodies, Sonuscore’s Lyrical Cello really gets you one step closer to working with a world-class session cellist.” // "Especially for situations, where you need your sample-based production to sound most realistic and authentic, I’d recommend adding Lyrical Cello Phrases to your arsenal, particularly for a price tag below a hundred bucks.“ // "Just think of the oftentimes cello-based soundtrack from the Game Of Thrones TV series and you’ll know immediately, where this library is heading towards sonically.“




  • 70+ Freely Combinable Phrases
  • 10+ Themes throughout all keys
  • 2 Bonus Themes
  • Legato Instrument



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