Emotive Strings

Emotive Strings

Emotive Strings


EMOTIVE STRINGS offers you soaring legato lines and brilliant arpeggios - expressive, playable melodic string phrases in true-to-life realism.

EMOTIVE STRINGS delivers moving, big-screen melodies with authentic legato string phrases and arpeggios. Turn your ideas into scoring gold with 28 GB of live-recorded lines. Play them all on a time-tested, easy-to-use interface designed to give you stunning results in record time - and in luxurious sound quality.

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The EMOTIVE STRINGS library contains 175 phrases, which were performed live by a full string orchestra and were recorded with two microphone settings: Stage and Far. In addition to that, EMOTIVE STRINGS features 64 Themes, each of which represents a selection of up to 5 phrases that work well together.

Start scoring an entire string section in minutes with an interface designed to deliver total control with maximum simplicity.

Choose legato phrases with your left hand and select the musical key with your right hand. Velocity determines major or minor tonality, letting you modulate quickly with only the pressure of your finger. The mod wheel controls crescendo and decrescendo for flowing, fluid dynamics.

EMOTIVE STRINGS features the expert players of the Budapest Scoring Symphony Orchestra. Over five days of tireless recording, this scoring orchestra meticulously played each phrase together for a guaranteed level of precision, realism and authenticity only a real orchestra can deliver.

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    "An instrument built to give the media composer immediate results and sound superb doing it."

    "Surprisingly easy to create deep, emotive string parts. Simple operation."

    "The audio quality is at a high level: the strings shine in the heights and they appear transparent and detailed."

    "Playing with EMOTIVE STRINGS  is easy and requires neither skill nor knowledge in harmonics. Compelling cinematic passages can be created in a very short time."



  • 28 GB of fully-playable legato string phrases for any production task
  • Optimized workflow for fast, perfectly-polished scores
  • Unique sampling concept delivers stunning realism
  • Create full arrangements from time-tested rhythms


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