EastWest releases Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition, including the Orchestrator, developed in cooperation with Sonuscore


EastWest releases Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition, including the Orchestrator, developed in cooperation with Sonuscore

How can an already amazing orchestra VST be made even better? The answer didn’t come easy, but the teams at EastWest and Sonuscore managed to do just that. For the last several years, EastWest’s Hollywood Orchestra, recorded by the Grammy Award-winning Shawn Murphy, set the standard for premium orchestra VST libraries. It has now received an upgrade with their new Opus Edition, bringing a whole new user interface, recordings, and innovative features. One of those new features is the addition of the Orchestrator, developed in cooperation with the Sonuscore team.

“Creating the Hollywood Orchestrator for EastWest was of course a great thing for us,” says Tilman Sillescu, Creative Director at Sonuscore. “We built a Scoring Engine that makes it possible to intuitively play orchestral sounds and arrangements in real time, based on the user’s MIDI input. It was a great project and we worked closely together with the OPUS developer team to enable complex and rich scoring experiences for any composer.”

What is the Orchestrator?

Orchestrator divides the orchestral instruments into four categories: Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, and Strings. You can then use the engine to create your own playable ensemble, complete with different instrument-assignable articulations and modulations. This greatly simplifies the process of composing a piece by allowing you to have full control, easily playing the virtual orchestra live, with your own assigned playing styles.

Using the Orchestrator

Sonuscore’s staff composer, Benny Oschmann, wrote the above demo, “Age of Heroes” (click here to listen to the demo), to display the effectiveness of the Orchestrator and the stellar sounds that come with the new Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition. “The Orchestrator was a huge time-saver,” Benny said. “With the help of its Score and Ostinato presets I was able to quickly arrange most of the accompaniment parts of the track, while developing thematic and melodic ideas with the regular patches. I was impressed by the variety of Score presets and see a lot of potential to use them as cue starters.”

The Orchestrator is only available as part of the EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition. It can be purchased starting at $795.00 on the EastWest website, or you can get it as a part of their ComposerCloud subscription plans starting at $20.00/month.


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