Action Strings

Action Strings


ACTION STRINGS is the epic, orchestral sound of blockbuster movies, made simple via immaculately sampled and easily playable phrases. With a truly natural sound, over 14 GB of live-recorded string phrases are ready to add big screen suspense and drama to your movie or game scores – or even spice up your rock, pop and R’n’B tracks.

Running in KONTAKT or the free KONTAKT PLAYER, ACTION STRINGS lets you select phases with your left hand and control chords, melodies and tonality with your right – making it a cinch to create edge-of-the-seat sequences, whatever your production expertise.

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The phrases in ACTION STRINGS were performed by the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague – sampled in exquisite detail by experienced score producers, Dynamedion. The orchestra was made up of 60 musicians – 36 in the high ensemble (22 violins, eight violas and six cellos), and 24 in the low ensemble (ten violas, eight cellos and six basses).

The phrases range from basic rhythm patterns to complex melodies, each recorded live in every key, and in two dynamic levels. Blend between the dynamic levels via the mod wheel, switch the harmonic patterns to minor or major via velocity, or change the meter to fit your production. And because these strings are recorded as phrases, the sound is stunningly natural at all times.

ACTION STRINGS is designed to make your job easier. All the 150 phrases are organized into themes of five, with five additional custom slots. All slots can be assigned or changed easily via the phrase browser, making the coherent development of your track completely straightforward. Every phrase is playable in all keys, and is selectable via keyswitch – create epic progressions without spending a lifetime studying music theory and arrangement.

Play phrases in Trigger mode for more control or sync your phrase to the ‘1’ of your host’s tempo. Utilizing KONTAKT’s Time-Machine Pro, you can drastically alter the tempo of the phrase in real time, even progressive changes like ritardando or accelerando – the sound remains strong and natural at all times.

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    "Through the use of the live orchestra, ACTION STRINGS brings a richness that cannot be matched. What they have created here is really a dynamic phrase instrument that makes it really easy to convert a concept into reality through string arrangement."
  • Michael F. April (Composer)

    American Idol, CSI Miami
    "Great job on your first release “ACTION STRINGS”! I bought it and I love it."

    "I really like the actual sound of the recorded phrases, they really have a nice acoustic tone to them. The phrases themselves are very flexible and divers, from basic chords to more dense arrangements and runs, you can really come up with some unique and epic sounding tracks quite quickly."
  • Chance Thomas (Composer & Oscar-winner)

    Lord of the Rings Online, Avatar, King Kong, The ChubbChubbs
    "I installed Action Strings yesterday, and already it’s making my life easier. The quality bar of my virtual mockups just took an exponential leap! I love having so many archetypal string patterns available at my fingertips. The aural quality is excellent [...]."



  • easily playable
  • recorded with a 60-player ensemble
  • 150 different string-phrases
  • +14 GB of data



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