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Discover THE SCORE “What I absolutely love about THE SCORE is that it helps me fire my imagination into new musical directions. The library isn’t doing the work for me. It’s providing me with excellent tools and resources with which to explore and react with.”

Stephen Gallagher • Composer
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Discover THE SCORE
Finally A Scoring Tool That Works At Your Speed
THE SCORE is more than an instrument, it's an entire suite of tools designed to give composers an instant snapshot of their idea as a fully formed orchestral composition.
Discover THE SCORE
THE SCORE's scripting is intelligent and the way the multis are put together is both fun and inspiring to play.”

Jacob Shea • Composer
Gears Of War, Planet Earth
Discover THE SCORE
We empower Music Producers and Composers, liberating ideas and supercharging the music creation process. View Products “I was impressed by THE SCORE’s beautiful sound. The samples are lush and expressive.”

Beth Burnett • Composer
Murmuring Records
Discover THE SCORE
THE SCORE proves to be an immensely powerful asset for novices and pros alike.”

Dean Landon • Composer
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Sex and the City, Wise Girls
Discover THE SCORE
THE SCORE is a great tool for media writers, all the sounds are top notch.”

Justin Bryant • Composer
Discovery, BBC, Animal Planet, Momentum Pictures, Lego
Discover THE SCORE

Your All-In-One Scoring Tool

A perfectly matched scoring toolbox, guiding you from the start to the end of your composition.

Discover THE SCORE

Unleash Your Orchestral Genius

Discover the fastest way to bring your musical core idea to life. Create inspiring full arrangements with simple chords.


By reducing complexity, we help composers and musicians express their ideas in the fastest possible way.

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“Sonuscore continues to surprise me with their ultra creative, high quality sample libraries, all very usable for scoring in Kontakt.”

Serj Tankian • Singer / Composer

System Of A Down

“If you want the maximum wow factor from playing a few simple MIDI chords, Sonuscore is the answer.”

Sound On Sound

“THE SCORE is a beast. It’s an awful lot of fun. Huge thumbs up.”

James Spilling • Composer

“THE SCORE impresses with its richness of sound. It is unique and extremely inspiring.”

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